Lykens Valley Rail-Trail Association

The Lykens Valley Rail-Trail is a proposed trail of about 20 miles in Northern Dauphin County.  The trail extends from Millersburg to the Schuylkill County line and perhaps to Tower City and beyond.  The trail is intended to provide non-motorized recreation for residents and visitors to the Valley.  Activities include walking, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, and nature observation.  Horseback riding may be permitted in appropriate locations. 

You may view a conceptual map of the trail below.  PLEASE NOTE—the exact trail route has yet to be determined.  This map does not indicate that the trail will take a specific route or cross any specific property.


The Trail

Trail development is being led by local governments with financial support and technical assistance from Dauphin County and the state and federal government.  The trail will be developed in segments as local supporters and sponsors step up to pursue their segment.  For more information on the current status of trail development, please see our Spring 2010 Newsletter.

The Lykens Valley Rail-Trail Association is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer group organized to assist local and county governments with the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Lykens Valley Rail-Trail.