Lykens Valley Rail-Trail Association

How to Help

The development phase of the project is currently being spear-headed by local and county government.  Please contact your local and county officials:

Thank them for what they have done to date and encourage their continued support for the trail.

Let them know that you support the trail and want to see it completed.

Let them know specifically how you and your family – and even your business if that applies – will use and benefit from the trail.

Share positive experiences that you’ve had on other trails.

As sections of the trail are completed and opened over the next year or two, LVRTA has committed to take a leadership role in maintaining these sections.  We will need a good list of members, supporter and other helpers that we can call on to:

Provide financial support.  We will need money for tools, materials, printing, postage, and a variety of other costs.

Help maintain the trail.  This will probably be a commitment of no more than a couple of hours per month to clear trash and debris that may accumulate, cut grass, empty trash cans, install and repair signs, and the like.

Help run the organization.  As with any group, a variety of administrative tasks will arise such as bookkeeping, newsletter, and web site.

Please print, complete and return the form below so we can keep you up to date on trail news and contact you when your help is needed.  And if you are able to make a financial contribution at this time, that will help us get off to a great start.  Many thanks!

LVRTA Membership and Donation Form

The Lykens Valley Rail-Trail Association is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer group organized to assist local and county governments with the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Lykens Valley Rail-Trail.